Welcome to Lingua Mystica

 flags The Lingua Mystica Society of Language experts is a premier training organization for developing language and cultural exchange. It is designed to be an ongoing support service providing high quality, updated and effective consultation and heightens awareness of the necessity of quality in language training and processing.


Studying a foreign language is a practical and a beneficial skill. The need to speak more than one language is growing everywhere. Learning a foreign language provides students with the proficiency necessary for multilingualism in addition to promoting cultural awareness. Our team of language experts are into this process.


Our team consists of didacticians specializing in modern teaching methodologies, translators and interpreters, language specialists, language decoders, language consultants and other foreign language experts. Most of them are holders of a Masters in linguistics, translation and interpretation and in teaching foreign languages and have relevant experience in the field of foreign language teaching for more then 6 years.


Our team of experts currently provide training for some of the best hotel groups in Puducherry. We are associated with language labs in India as well as in France. We are also into web translations and creation of online dictionaries and language tools.